Artist profiles

Hoang Tan Vinh Phong

- Born 1971 in Quang Tri provinsen, Vietnam
- Educated from Fine Arts University in Hue, 1996.
- Member of The Vietnam Fine Arts Association.
- Exhibitions in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Sveits, Belgia, og USA
- Prizes: Young artist prize of Vietnam Fine Art Association 2001

Nguyen Trung Viet

- Born 1966 in Quang Nam provinsen, Vietnam
- Educated from på Fine Arts University i Hue, 1996.
- Exhibitions in Vietnam 1997, 1998, 2001 og 2002

Joseph Holston

- Born 1944 in Washington D.C., USA
- Educated from Art Institute of Chicago
- Exhibitions in USA:
  Art Institute of Chicago
  National Academy
  Pensylvania Academy
  Paris Salons
  Salmagundi Club

Gabriella Possum

- Born 1967 in Alice Springs, Australia
- Exhibitions:
  Brisbane 1987 together with her father, Clifford Possum
  Melbourne 1988
  Sidney 1992
  Washington D.C., USA 1992
  Sveits 1993
  Polen 1998
  UN in New York, USA 2000
- Prizes: Alice Springs Art Price 1983







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